How do customers want to communicate with Property Agents?

How do customers want to communicate with Property Agents?


How do customers want to communicate with Property Agents?

The number of channels you can use to communicate with your customers has expanded and continues to grow. We’ve started examining what makes customer service delightful. We want to explore what makes great support stand out, and what customer care is most useful to the customer.
We’re not talking about glamorous systems and set-ups, shiny for the sake of looking flashy. We’re talking about functional, efficient and supremely effective customer support practices that benefit both the consumer and the business.

To help you communicate with your customers, We commissioned a study last month and asked 3,000 British adults about their channel preferences. In this Article, we share their responses.
Q. In which of the following ways, if any, would you prefer companies to communicate with you? Please select all that apply.


Landlords overwhelmingly prefer emails in contrast to tenants which prefer more phone calls especially if there’s any serious issue within the property. In our previous research conducted in January 2017, The result swung the positive way, with more than 60% of customers prefer to speak to customer service person directly compare to live chat, as their might be more open-ended questions.
About 76% tenants accepted to send detailed email followed by a phone call to make sure their emails are not going into junk mail or their issue will definitely be resolved after someone will pick their email up.
In London, few Property agents experimented to communicate with their customers via social media after getting ideas from few London’s councils which were getting complaints on Twitter, But still, the response was not very fantastic. An average Property agent is still spending 45-60 hours a month on the phone which is sometimes higher in case of experienced personal account managers.


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So What Did We Learn?

Short answer? A little, but not everything.
Although, Property tech is influencing customer behavior strongly, as far as customer service in Property industry is concerned, Customers are set in their traditional ways of communication.


There are clearly times where engagement is not only preferred but requisite. When the majority of our survey respondents stated that, if they have a question, they prefer human contact via phone rather than email, live chat, apps, we weren’t surprised.
It only adds further support for something we already believed. It has been our contention from the beginning that when a customer has an issue that is specific, individualised, or even emotionally charged, they’d rather talk to a person.
Based on this survey, that conviction holds true. Maybe it’s the absence of tone in other communication channels that decreases the sense of connection. Maybe it’s the immediacy of a phone conversation that beats staring at bouncing dots while we await a response.

Customer Support Methods Are Changing, And So Is Customer Behaviour

To be fair, a broader, more diverse data sampling would be required to draw definitive, scientific conclusions. But what we can determine is that Property industry is more dependent on personal relationship and stakeholders are more comfortable in traditional way of communication and “Communication” is the backbone of this trade.