Why every business should have VoIP by 2017

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As companies grow and change so must their communications platforms. There comes a time when a traditional telephony structure begins to lack the capabilities of meeting new age business needs. Voice over IP telephony is a cost efficient and fully mobile telephony solution that grows with business – not holds them back.

VoIP telephony can be implemented, utilised and provide potential gains to any department, in any industry, world wide.

As voice over IP harnesses the Internet as it’s primary operational source it offers an inexpensive solution in relation to total cost of operations. The greatest benefit of VoIP is it’s multi-functional service. IP telephony allows businesses to make calls, receive faxes and emails and hold conference calls to or from any location in the world via one main connection.

Once the new employees are fully trained, they can be stationed anywhere around the world and still remain fully connected with the organisation all through one main VoIP platform, while still having access to email, voicemail, fax and other important company documents.

Through the latest in online technology businesses are able to take a full circle approach to their VoIP services.

For example: It is possible to post an online job ad, accept resumes via online fax and then have the fax sent to an assigned email inbox after being notified of the fax via voicemail. HR Managers in one city are then able to set up cost efficient phone pre-interviews with prospects in another city. Hold interviewee video conferencing between various office locations and then initiate web based new hire training through the use of a VPN network.

The possibilities for how businesses can incorporate voice over IP technology into their daily functions are endless. VoIP was designed with business in mind, and provides an unsurpassable amount of mobility and connectivity to the corporate world.

VoIP adds everyday value, to virtually every operation, of every business specially if the VoIP provider is offering add-on type of facility where every business can choose features and services they want rather than paying for whole load of unwanted features which they will never gonna use in their life.