Why VoIP is an Estate Agents phone system

Estate Agents phone system

Estate Agency is a pressured environment, agents, property managers and other employees need to be accessible at all times, whether they are in the office or on the road. Most of their business is over phone and emails.

There are a number of reasons real estate agents are turning to hosted VoIP, also known as cloud-based phone service. Here are the top reasons.

1. Working Anywhere Regardless of your location Hosted VoIP gives them the ability to work from anywhere, whether they are in the office, on property visit , on road or working from home, they can run their office from anywhere.

2. Easy scaling. With hosted VoIP, real estate agents only pay for the service they actually use. They also can expand and contract their telecommunications needs quickly and easily without having to invest in hardware or additional support. So in periods of fast expansion, hosted VoIP scales easily because agents only need to upgrade their plan to accommodate more resources. Similarly, seasonal demand an be met more effectively with hosted VoIP.

3. No maintenance. The hosted VoIP helps real estate agents bypass all the hassles of maintaining a physical PBS or a phone system by offloading this task to the hosting provider. In addition, any future upgrades are done at server level as without any cost.

4. CRM integration. Almost every property agent uses their internal CRM such as Zoho, Propertybase, Jupix or any other. VoIP gives them freedom to integrate their telephone with their CRM and make and receive calls without even picking up your Desk phone.

5. Call Control. Hosted VoIP will make sure none of your customer’s calls is missed through its intelligent call control mechanism.

6. Better recording. Hosted VoIP comes with many features that can help real estate agents, including call recording and better logging. With hosted VoIP, real estate agents not only can record their calls and see who has called, they also can access these recordings and logs from anywhere—an important factor for those often on the go.

7. Hunt Group. Every Property agent have Sales, Lettings & Property Management departments within their estate agencies and hosted VoIP filters the calls by diverting it to the right department or person.

8. Impression. Through properly utilised hosted VoIP every small size Estate agency could leave an impression of huge organisation with its unimaginable features.

9. Cost. Compare to traditional BT Lines hosted VoIP is 5x times cheaper in addition to unlimited features you can avail with VoIP. Where few companies such as VIXNET offer Estate agents packages with unlimited Landline and Mobile calls with the freedom of unlimited minutes.

10. Productivity. Hosted VoIP not only increase your monthly telecom budget but it also increase your productivity up to 45%.

11. Virtual Employees. Now when world has really became a global village where 45% of London’s small property agents have hired offshore employees to increase their customer service and reduce their admin costs, VoIP has played the main role to let this happened.